Just some services that we offer

5 sessions for $275 book now!

This service helps break down the fat in the fat in any unwanted area.
 We can do this service on your thighs,back fat,arm,stomach,chin area and few more. Tightening is not apart of the standard packages this service can be used on your back,arms,thighs and more.

Noninvase Lipo 

This treatment can use a wet or dry steam to help melt away calories. Wraps can be added 

The sauna bag allows clients to instantly burn 900-1800 calories instantly while relaxing.

The infrared heat travels 2-3" deep into the body to improve circulation and repair damaged tissue.

More calories are burnt than being inside a traditional gym sauna which only travels 1/2 an inch into the body.

It takes more energy to produce sweat so you burn more calories in our sauna bag. When the body heats up your metabolic rate is increased.

The air inside of the sauna bag is dry which stops the spread of microbes and bacteria making it more hygienic. The sweat is 3 times greater then traditional saunas therefore toxins and heavy metals are removed much faster and more easily. The infrared bag is great for weight loss, relieving stress and also improves skin tone, and elasticity helps acne, scars,blemishes, eczema, burns and discoloration on the face. It repairs and tones the tissues, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Detox Sauna 

This treatment helps with belly bloat its an all natural method that help the body process the waste from the colon track. This is a painless process and softens the skin and the service area. Wood therapy can also help with the shape of the body to help with the contoured shape of the full body.

Lymphatic/After Care


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